A guide to your stay at Phuket Cleanse



Preparation is key to mastering your journey at Phuket Cleanse. Here is some useful information before we meet.


Help us to customize your stay

Our number one goal is to ensure you have a life-changing experience at Phuket Cleanse! We are already working on your arrival — if you can complete this short form, it will help our team customize your stay.


Fair Weather, Friends

We get a lot of questions about the weather in paradise and we always respond with the same thing – don’t believe the weather apps! Have you ever noticed that you’ll look at your town or city and it’ll say it’s raining, and yet your view tells you otherwise? Same here!

On average, the temperatures are always high in Phuket with April being the warmest month (32C), and January the ‘coolest’ (30C). The rainy season is officially April to October but for most of those months, this may include a short period of rain… and that’s it. At Phuket Cleanse, we don’t let the weather affect our day – everything runs as normal!


Leave The Kitchen Sink

When we say all-inclusive, we mean ALL-inclusive! That means you can travel as light as you please. Your stay includes your accommodation, meals, juices, fitness programs, meditations, workshops, excursions and even four massages per week! Once you are greeted by our team at Phuket Cleanse the only reason you’ll need to reach for your wallet is if you opt for extra services, like our fabulous physiotherapist, healing practitioners, or off-site medical tests.

Thanks to our included daily laundry service, we can get your gym gear cleaned in less than a day if you drop it off by 1 pm. No need to bring shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel, as our in-room naturally fragranced products are very popular. Leave your hairdryer and towel at home, too. We also provide a safety deposit box for your valuables.


Protein Power

If you are looking to increase lean muscle mass, we support you with on-demand protein shakes and Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCCA’s).

Although we do offer plant-based protein powder, it has proven difficult to source high-quality options in Thailand.

We recommend that you bring a high-quality organic protein product with you, particularly if you have a brand of choice.



Bite Relief

In order to ensure your time with us is safe and healthy, it is important to be aware of how you can minimize your exposure to becoming ill during your stay.

Many guests find that mosquitoes love them a little too much. Others are less affected. Either way, it is best to prepare. 

Plant-based lemon eucalyptus repellant is all non-toxic and super potent, which we recommend arming yourself with before setting off.

Energy Building

Vitamin Efficiency

Many people come to Phuket Cleanse to improve energy levels. To improve your energy levels, just make sure bases are covered by taking a good professional brand of multivitamin. This will ensure you have adequate B vitamins, minerals, and magnesium.

Becoming Keto-adapted, taking C60 supplements and drinking from a hydrogen water bottle for two weeks before coming here will help.


Simply The Rest

It is quite common for guests flying from Europe or the US to experience jet lag. We suggest you prepare for it prior to arrival. A few days before you depart, try adjusting your sleep time and even taking some melatonin to assist you. The melatonin will be already high in your system when you get here which will improve your sleep. You may want to bring some herbal sleep products and/or melatonin to assist you. The product that we find works best is an American product called Anesthetized by Blackstone labs. There are many distributors online who sell it. We like this product because it really works and is melatonin free. You can always bring melatonin and take it if you need it.

If you prefer to take a tea, some teas that really help people sleep are boldo tea or valerian root which are gentler than the supplements mentioned above.


Plasma Screened

If you are interested in having blood testing done and/or having blood tests from home analysed here at Phuket Cleanse, we can arrange this for you.  We are connected with Naborn Labs in Phuket and can offer a comprehensive range of blood test with very fast turnaround of results. You can arrange for a consultation to have these tests assessed by our clinical nutritionist Craig Burton.  You are welcome to bring blood tests from home or you can have blood tests done here. If you would like to set that up or have any questions regarding blood tests, please email craig@craigburtonconsulting.com.



There's something for everyone at Phuket Cleanse to give you an all-round wellbeing experience.



Get excited about your trip!

In additional to our all-inclusive services, we also offer a number of additional paid services to enhance your stay even further.


Getting you here comfortably

We recommend our friendly local taxi driver (Sam) who is familiar with our location and provides a reliable and cost-effective service.

We can arrange this service if you wish and you will simply need to pay the driver a flat fee of [1,000 THB] in cash from and back to the airport.

This will be organized for you on request once you are able to provide our reservation team with your flight information.


Knowledge is Power

Blood work and hormone panel tests can often be the missing piece of the puzzle in what is going on behind the scenes within your body.

We can arrange for your blood to be taken at our resort by a local lab (or you can bring test results from home), analyzed, and reported back to you.

If you would like to set that up or have any questions regarding blood tests, please email our clinical nutritionist Craig Burton.

Spa Therapy

Pamper Yourself

Please find attached our Practitioner Booklet and Spa Treatment Menu. One-on-One sessions with our Practitioners and some wonderful Spa Treatments are available during your stay. If you would like, we can speak more of this when you are with us, however, for now these are attached for your reference.

Practitioner Booklet

Supplemental Services

One-on-One sessions with our Practitioners are available during your stay and can be continued remotely after you leave. All information will be provided as part of your induction process on arrival, however, details of these offerings are included below.


Need to know more?

If there is anything else you would like to discuss ahead of your stay, please feel free to contact us directly.