Recovery, Spa & Healing Therapies

Indulge while you recover and transform



From massages to an ice bath plunge, along with our steam and infrared saunas, our recovery protocols are just as important as our fitness and nutrition programs. And for those that want to indulge themselves, you can enjoy our additional spa services.

Discover our all-Inclusive Therapies

Massages, Saunas, Ice -- this is Recovery!

Indulge in the ancient Thai massage arts and our signature recovery experiences. Three days a week, you will have a complimentary Thai massage therapist visit your room to provide you with a Thai, oil, or foot massage. You will also have access to our infrared sauna, Thai herbal steam sauna, and the famous (or infamous) ICE BATH.

Complimentary Healing

From Sound Therapy to Breath.Works -- Let's go deep

Enjoy a number of group healing sessions from Crystal Singing Bowl therapies to group breathwork sessions.  We also offer a select number of complimentary holistic taster sessions as part of all packages.


Work out, eat, sleep ... and RECOVER, recover, recover

Recovery sessions are a key part of our program and we encourage you to experience the benefits of our infrared sauna, and our Thai herbal steam sauna where you can enjoy a magnesium-oil-infused steam sauna experience.


The more you learn about Cold Thermogenesis, the more you will do it

Countless studies from around the world have proven that Cold Thermogenesis — fancy way of saying “ice bathing” — improves heart health, circulation, and athletic endurance. Add in some sweat time in one of our steam or infrared saunas, and you have our FIRE & ICE protocol.

When the steam room sauna is paired with a cold plunge into our ice bath, the sustained increased heart rate between two extremes has cardio and circulation benefits. The result of this regular practice on the body allows you to endure more exertion and recover faster, while lowering anxiety and sharpening focus.


let's show you how comfortable we can make you

If you want that extra pampering and want to be lavished upon with a bit more indulgence, check out our extensive brochure of innovative spa treatments designed to give your body a holistic overhaul. The Spa House is ready to show you — at reasonable prices — how luxurious a body scrub, or a facial, or even a simple mani-pedi can be.