Detox & Juicing Programs

Basic Detox

Gentle juice cleanse

This is for an entry level cleanser wanting a gentle cleanse with a wide variety of flavors and nutrients that taste delicious.

​Intense Detox

Deep Cleanse

Intense detox is for one who wants to go deeper into a cleanse and is willing to take some shots of bitter greens, herbs and seaweeds to further the benefits of a cleanse. ​


Cleanse & get lean

For those wanting to build muscle and cleanse simultaneously. This cleanse combines specialized soups, juices, wellness shots and protein packed shakes tailored to the individual.

Low Fodmap Cleanse

Supporting gut health issues

This cleanse is designed to help heal the gut by removing all irritable foods while adding in healing herbs that help to repair the gut lining.


Boost your immune system

This cleanse strengthens the immune system with immune building ingredients. This is the perfect cleanse if your feel your immune system could use a turbo charge.


Cleanse and Repair

Another healing cleanse designed to cleanse and help repair the system. Specifically designed for those who suffer auto immune issues or chronic sensitivities.

Water Fasting

Deep Dive into Autophagy

For those healthy Cleansers who want to take fasting to another level, you can do a water fast here at Phuket Cleanse. Our only stipulations are that you are healthy, agree to do blood and hormone panel testing after 5 or 7 days so we can ensure that liver and kidney function, and other markers, are doing well as you water fast.