In 2021, why not make your accommodation a WILS home at Phuket Cleanse. WILS stands for Wellness Intentional Living Space. Don’t think of this WILS community as a short-term holiday, but a long-term way of life. Live here at Phuket Cleanse for a month, a few months, a year, or a lifetime.

This is also perfect for digital nomads. If you still need to work from a distance, then work here. We have wifi everywhere.

At this time particularly, people are focused on their health and wellbeing more than ever. The good news is we know now more than ever how to have supreme health and slow the aging process.

The research that is coming out in the health and nutrition world is unprecedented. Natural breakthrough strategies to power up our immunity, metabolism, and cognitive health are coming out so quickly, it is my biggest challenge to keep up.

Many of the best medical researchers have dropped everything to dig in and put together natural protocols and diets so we can be prepared to fight off anything.

The diets and programs they have designed and that we are integrating into Phuket Cleanse ensure … 1) we have no nutritional deficiencies, 2) our metabolism is optimized, 3) our immunity is optimized, 4) our rejuvenation (longevity) genes are turned on, and 5) our mental health and cognitive health is supported.

For the last several months, I can’t be seen anywhere as there is so much exciting work going on in the world of health and rejuvenation. I have spent every morning jumping out of bed as early as possible to catch up on the new breakthroughs and organize them in a practical doable way.

So, now what am I going to do with all these strategies now that Thailand’s borders are basically shut?

Well, I have decided to take these detailed nutritional, workout, and mental wellness programs and put them into place in an intentional, long-term stay community for like-minded individuals that are committed to living on the cutting edge of optimal.

You can live anywhere, but if you take the time to live here for a few months, you will walk out a master of your own health.

You will know how to manage your own nutrition, and have a deep momentum underway in your fitness. You will also have a good meditation practice and have found increased flexibility & mobility.

This program is available for those who live in Thailand or those willing to come to Thailand, quarantine for two weeks, and then move into our community for a long-term stay.

Welcome to the cutting edge of wellness. We want 2021 to become your most exciting year ever! Join us at Phuket Cleanse.

Write to and he will get details on packages and other offerings that we can provide for this Wellness Intentional Living Space.