Learn Lots to Take Home with you

Fermentation Station

Learn about lacto-fermentation

Ferment veggies—of course. Ferment your legumes—you better believe it. Ferment your tea—as in Kombucha—most definitely. Let’s learn how lactobacillus grows, keeps the bad bacteria away, and makes everything more bioavailable.

Keto Baking

Ain't no gluten in these recipes

Want to learn how to make gluten-free, sugar-free, and 100% delicious wraps, tortilla, muffins, and bread? Then, get into this class and learn how to work with keto flours like lupin, coconut, almond, and many more.

Yogurts and Cheeses

Vegan and non-vegan

Coconut yogurt has never tasted so good.

Juicing & Time-Restricted Eating

Be cleansed

Learn all you need to know about our juice-feasting program and other fasting protocols.

Transform your gut health

Radiate from the inside

Improve your overall wellbeing by discovering the importance of creating a healthy gut.