Discover the Power of the Breath

Breath.Works™ is Living

Breath.Works cleanses and purifies the body and mind. Breathing practices return you to a natural state of joy. Traumas, sadness, and limiting beliefs are released from euphoric breathing practices. Review our menu of Breath.Works activities.


Pranayama Breathing

Inhale, Retain, Discharge

Discover the practice of 3-part breath and yogic breathing exercises that have the ability to quickly increase your energy, release stress, and improve your mental clarity.


Conscious Connected Breathing

Connect with your subconscious mind and achieve greater clarity, calmness, and personal transformation … and by releasing stuck emotions through the energy flow of the breath.

Fire & Ice Breath.Works

Take the Plunge

An active Breath.Works meditation using the steam room and ice bath, our Fire & Ice Breath.Works classes use the extreme cold and heat to make your bodies and mind more resilient over time.

Performance Enhancement

Breathe to achieve

Discover how a Breathing Control Workout can release any excess built-up muscular tension, as well as developing your breathing capacity for fitness activities.


The power of the breath

Use the power of your breath to enhance your physical performance. Increase your repetition rate by learning how to regulate your breath during exercise.