While our schedule has grown smaller as we come out of this pandemic, there is still an amazing variety in the schedule and facilities at Phuket Cleanse. In fact, most of our Cleansers actually like that we don’t have 25 classes a day. That was overwhelming for many of our Cleansers who just felt stressed out by all the choices we had. We now have around 8 to 12 classes a day: still way too many, but exciting offerings and very diverse in scope. If you are into the fitness scene, we have you covered. Want to go a little deep within and let go of some of life’s stored-up tension, well, our Mindset Reset+ package is just what the doctor ordered. These days, you can dip in and dip out of everything like you would at Disney World. However, if you have a specific goal in mind, we will create a track for you. Some of the tracks people choose are the following …

Become Superhuman

Find your hidden superpower

This year’s Super Human Upgrade is the best ever at Phuket Cleanse. We will be offering the Upgrade program in August of this year, and again in March of 2023.

If you’ve ever wanted to tap on through to your superpower side, this program is a must.


Anti-aging & Longevity programs

Experience the first steps of reversing your age by stepping into the protocols that you will continue through the rest of the year at home. We will also share with you a tracking system so you can medically track your regeneration through bio-markers.

Total Regeneration Program

This is our latest package and our Cleansers are loving it. Adding in peptide therapy and other small molecule supplements, along with everything else at Phuket Cleanse, and the results are truly a Total Regeneration Program.

Emotional Detox

Mindset Reset Program

A systematic and mindful practice of processing and releasing the toxins of unresolved emotions, traumas, false beliefs, and fears.

Our program is a combination of carefully selected methods and modalities that when brought together invite the Cleanser into truly shifting a state she/he may have been in her/his entire life.


Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation

You have to discuss the mind when thinking of doing a detox or cleanse. If you neglect the mind, nothing may shift or change on the physical side.

Pushing yourself to do meditations, breathwork, and even some of our mindful yoga classes will help you on all fronts—mental, physical, and even spiritual.


Energy Boost