The Multi Story

So many people come to Phuket Cleanse to improve energy levels. To improve your energy levels, just make sure bases are covered by taking a good professional brand of multivitamin, such as Paradise Herbs. This will ensure you have adequate B vitamins, minerals, and magnesium.

We suggest that you take magnesium daily to replenish this deep deficiency most people have. Magnesium is involved in making energy and improving sleep. 

Or you may want to use a superfood green powder such as these green drinks from Body Nutrition.

We recommend people take magnesium and vitamin C to keep you regular, help you detox, sleep, and improve recovery.

If you want to bring a product to improve your energy levels buy some C60. This product not only seems to improve energy levels but also helps with sleep and workouts. Please have a listen. 


If you are currently struggling with energy levels, you have two options, you may want to get a vitamin B shot or an IV Meyer’s cocktail prior to arrival to improve your energy levels.

However, we have a local clinic called Lyfe Clinic that provides such services.