Hydro Highs

Meet, Drink and Be Merry

At Phuket Cleanse, we provide you all the water you can drink. This magical liquid is filtered through a high-end reverse osmosis filtration system. We don’t use plastic water bottles. We provide glass bottles for around the villa and BPA free bottles to take away. 

However, we recommend everyone to get an H2 water bottle. These bottles have cartridges in them that add more hydrogen to your water, making the water more hydrating.

If you don’t want to carry around a water bottle, you could always buy these H2 water tablets. These tablets are an excellent product, although the water bottle is more cost-efficient.  

Our Ozonated Water

We also provide ozonated water elixirs in our dining room. It stays on tap all day. Ozonated water helps rid your system of bad bacteria and parasites. So, please drink up the ozone water elixir all day long. 


We are hydration freaks and it important for you to all have electrolytes if you are going to be sweating a lot. The pharmacies in Thailand do sell electrolytes but a more pure version is available online if you would like to order some before you arrive.

Three brands we recommend – as they are clean – are Synerplex, Nuun. and LES Labs.

Adding oxygen drops to your water will also improve your hydration. Life Enthusiast is one of many great brands that you can find easily at health food stores.