Plate With Destiny

There are many ways to approach your meals at Phuket Cleanse depending on what you want to achieve or experience.

Most people are looking to achieve a golden combination of detoxification, rejuvenation and muscle toning, with improved energy levels. We really prefer to personalize your diet to your specific needs and schedule.

To achieve such metabolic flexibility we recommend a combined program in which you have cleansing days, feeding/building days, plus intermittent fasting. 

To help you, we have designed our buffet and meal system as follows.

Breakfast – Monday through Friday, we have a full vegetarian breakfast buffet designed to be educational so that you can get recipe ideas from the recipes we put on the buffet for you. We have gluten-free, low carb paleo breads, breakfast parfaits, omelet bar, and juices and soups for detoxing. 

Monday – seafood lunch, fresh and light Indian dinner

Tuesday – light lunch, seafood dinner

Wednesday – seafood lunch, fresh and light Italian dinner

Thursday – light Thai lunch, fresh Mexican seafood dinner

Friday – seafood lunch, soup and salad bar dinner

We know many people are vegetarian/vegan nowadays, so we have vegan and vegetarian protein options instead of seafood. We also know many guests come for muscle building so we have protein shakes to make sure you are getting appropriate macronutrients for muscle toning/gain.