total regeneration program

the add-ons for this program are phenomenal


From the day Thailand basically went into lockdown in early 2020, I used this time to keep up with the myriad of health research. I studied morning to night, daily, seven days a week, I knew this was a precious time, and I wasn’t going to miss a morsel of what was being dished out. Using the accumulated knowledge on gut health, peptides, fitness, and regenerative therapies, I put together The Total Regeneration Package.


After 30+ Long Months, Phuket is Coming Back to Normal

Thailand is back to normal with tourists flying in directly to Phuket International Airport from countries all around the globe. Basically all is back to pre-COVID rules and regulations. As we have always told our Cleansers, come and get in shape, take some weight off, reduce the co-morbidities, and build up your immune system — both your innate and adaptive immune system. Let’s all be ready so in case you do catch this virus or any virus, you will have a super strong immune system to make sure the symptoms are mild to none. 

The once bustling island is now back to exactly that — a bustling island. So, come and join us! For any updates or details or more science-driven queries, please contact Melanie via WhatsApp at +66952900260, or write to Stanton at We will assist you through the whole process.



Imagine yourself operating at peak efficiency and having all the knowledge you have accumulated, but with the energy and mental sharpness of your younger self. When you work on your brain and your gut with regenerative therapies along with precision nutrition, the results feel like magic.

What can you experience with rejuvenative therapies?

When you do a total gut restoration program—a cleanse with our new regenerative therapeutics—you can experience the feeling of being brand new with laser-sharp cognition. For me personally, I have these sharp days when I truly feel like I have an unfair advantage. You can as well.


Therapeutic #1: BPC-157

For Month-Long Cleansers, I will provide complimentary rejuvenation therapies, small molecules, and peptide supplements that are game changers in the field of health and wellness.

You will be provided a peptide called BPC-157 that accelerates the repair of the gut lining, and all collagen structures, including the tissue surrounding the brain. You will experience improved tissue and cartilage regeneration, and overall reduced inflammation. You will have a tighter structure in your gut and around your brain. The benefits of this peptide while you are training is that this peptide improves recovery. This keeps you in the game while you’re here so you can get more out of your fitness holiday.



This small molecule (5-AMINO-1MQ) improves muscle, skeletal, and fat burning. You will be a better metabolizer of fat and glucose, experience a more youthful metabolism and increased energy levels. In addition, you will see how this peptide improves muscle endurance and strength, increases energy production, and improves body composition.

… to learn about the power of this small molecule. Go to the 11:45 minute point to hear Ryan from Tailor Made talk about the astounding results of 5-AMINO-1MQ.


The data show a fat reduction in two weeks of ten percent with a 70-percent decrease in the storage of fat. This peptide also stimulates muscle stem cells and improves muscle performance. The product activates the anti-aging pathways by activating the anti-aging Sirtuin genes.



The other protocols that are available for Cleansers is the option to add on a peptide for cognitive regeneration or mood. In short, nootropic peptides upgrade and repair the brain. Throughout our lives, our brains are working non-stop. And with daily exposure to numerous environmental neurotoxins, it’s easy to see how this denigrates the brain’s functioning. Peptides are potent regenerative support for the brain. With these peptides, you will experience great mental clarity and agility.

When the brain is functioning and connecting well with the gut and the nerves, everything starts working better. You will feel, talk, and act like a much younger version of yourself.

The prices for additional therapies are much more affordable here in Thailand.

A month is too long for me, can I do a week?

What about TWO or THREE Weeks?

Stay for a week or two, or whatever amount of time you have. Totally up to you and your goals and objectives! At this time, we offer private Muay Thai and Body Sculpting for guests staying a week or more.

If you are staying for less than month you can add the 5-AMINO-1-MQ and NMN to your programme for an additional cost.

To understand the power of these products, please take a look at the video links provided. This is a health changing opportunity for you to improve every aspect of your being. Also, feel free to have a complimentary consult with me to discuss these programs and how they will benefit your personal needs.



The synergy of every step of this Total Regeneration Program results in a positive mood, with a strong sense of capability. You must experience this in order to understand it. When the brain is sharp and on point and the body feels clean and strong, there is a great sense of “capability.” It is the combination of a lifetime of knowledge with a quick wit, long-sustained focus, and physical stamina.

What about results?

We can measure them!

On arrival, if you choose, you can start your program with fitness/flexibility tests, and self evaluations to measure your mindset. [It’s more than just measuring your waistline.] You can monitor your overall progress weekly in order to adjust and fine tune your program. We can add more measurables to show you why the Total Regeneration Program is truly transformative.

Complimentary Consultation

What's Right for You?

Contact me for a complimentary consultation on the right The Total Regeneration Program for you. I can always be reached via WhatsApp at +66952900260. I will talk to you about a plan that will work for you. I love working with you and all our Cleansers over a longer period to make sure you get the greatest benefits. I don’t charge any extra for the before-and-after coaching that will bring you the maximum results. I will start you on the process before you arrive at Phuket Cleanse. Together, we will prep your system prior to coming here by putting you through a total gut restoration program. By the time you get here, you will already be a different person.

I am super pumped about this program. I have never seen such an exciting health and wellness program. The past 30 months have driven powerful research in wellness, and I can’t wait to share with you the fruits of this research in our elegantly-prepared Total Regeneration Program.


The Month-Long Total Regeneration Program is filled with so much added value. I am sharing the retail cost of the peptides below. Remember, you will be provided these peptides and therapeutics as part of your month-long stay for FREE. Along with nutritional support and program guidance, you will get amazing benefits from this program.

The following prices (complimentary for you) are quoted in Thai Baht and US Dollars:

  • Peptide #1: BPC-157 = 6,000 baht (200 USD)
  • 5-Amino-1-MQ = 10,000 baht (300 USD)
  • NMN = 6,000 baht (200 USD)

And if you want to add more to your program you can add on:

  • Cognitive and Mood Support Therapeutics = (rates differ depending on products needed)

The therapeutics, plus all workouts, classes, meditations, food, room, laundry, and three massages per week is being provided to you starting at the daily rate of 280 USD per night. You can upgrade rooms if you like. Additional massages and can be added on for a nominal fee of 400 baht per session (12 USD). this makes daily massage and reflexology affordable add ons.

  • Lose Weight & Tone Up
  • Build Lean Muscle
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Longevity & Rejuvenation
  • Cleanse
  • Massages & Treatments
  • Emotional Detox
  • Steam Sauna
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Ice Bathing
  • Infrared Therapy
  • Sound Therapy
  • Breathwork
  • Hiking & Walking
  • Aqua Fitness & Swimming
  • Muay Thai Cardio
  • Remember, all this and more is available to you if you stay one week, two or three weeks, or a month plus. Come and take advantage and enjoy a more tailor-made program that is just right for you. And with the peptides and other freebies, along with the discount from our former prices — it’s a can’t miss opportunity. Come enjoy a Total Regeneration!!


It’s for everyone. Want to lose weight? We are the best in the business. Want to explore new areas like meditation and mindfulness? then, come and go as deep as you want. Yoga, Muay Thai, high intensity interval training, strength classes, walks, hikes, swims, or maybe you just need a bit of rest & relaxation… it’s all here waiting on you. See you soon!

Whichever path you choose, you can add complimentary peptides, VIP Training or other FREE sessions.. so get on WhatsApp with Melanie or email Stanton. We will work with you to create the best nutrition, fitness, and peptide supportive program.