Longevity Program

Most up-to-date anti-aging protocols 2023 has to offer

The Program

Longevity / Anti-aging at Phuket Cleanse

The anti-aging program is a program that is both educational and therapeutic. If you choose to do this track, you will walk a way with the most up-to-date anti-aging protocols that 2023 has to offer.

You can consider this an experiential learning program in that you will learn the science of anti-aging through experiences. Everything you acquire, you will be able to carry on at home.

You will experience the first steps of reversing your age by stepping into all this new knowledge and making lifelong changes that are geared towards your healthspan and lifespan. We will also share with you a tracking system so you can medically track your regeneration through bio-markers.

Step #1: Prepare with Nutrition & Supplementation

Key step before you arrive at Phuket Cleanse

You will be provided a list of anti-aging supplements, we would like you to start on before you arrive. All supplements are reasonable in price and easy to access. In order that you are purchasing the right supplements for you, you will have to consult prior to arrival.

One of the important parts of the initial consults will be to assess your gut health and start a strategy in improving your gut’s microbiome.

During this stage we would also like to put you onto a “pre-cleanse” and on to a deeper cleanse in order to start the repair of your DNA. DNA repair is the key to anti-aging. DNA damage from a long life of stress creates aging. Let’s get started with this key step before you arrive at Phuket Cleanse as it will lay the foundation for the practices you will engage in while with us. This step of getting started before you arrive will also prepare you mentally and create the commitment from you we need to get the best results.

Step #2: Cleanse

Detoxification program

On arrival, you will start a detoxification program through a juice and soup cleanse.

You will experience therapeutic sauna (both infrared and steam), along with other red light therapy treatments. Add in our new compression therapy, as well as our new magnesium float tank, and you are recovering in record time while you cleanse.

During the cleanse, we will help you choose workouts, yoga and breathwork classes to aid in detoxification.

Most importantly, you will be doing workouts and therapies that specifically activate the longevity pathways. You will start experiencing some regeneration from the day you start these activities. Most importantly, you will learn how to activate these pathways as a take-home skill.

Finally, you will be guided to do some emotional detox work during this period.

Step #3: Building and Strengthening

After you have experienced the benefits of cleansing, you will begin your fitness and strengthening program. You will go onto a fitness diet which will be higher in protein.

Anti-Aging Add-On Therapies:

Some people choose to do add-on therapies with a nearby clinic. The prices for these add-on therapies are generally much cheaper here in Phuket versus the costs back in most Cleansers’ home countries. You can choose and add on some of the following treatments and protocols …

  1. IV Nutrition Infusions
  2. Rejuvenative Peptide Therapies. The peptides and other small molecules we can administer is well documented in medicine to reverse one’s biological age by a significant amount. Please research Epitalon, Dihexa, 5-Amino-1MQ, and BPC-157. This is just the start of what you can get with some of our strategic health alliances.
  3. Hormone Bloodwork Panels

The anti-aging program is not always available as I personally like to lead you through it. Please contact me, Melanie Procter, co-owner of Phuket Cleanse on my WhatsApp at +1-727-219-8023. Please tell me a bit about you and we can schedule a talk.