What's onsite

Our resort comprises of  a collection of seven villas which are set amongst quiet tropical grounds in a lovely residential neighborhood.

A number of classes on our dynamic, jam-packed schedule take place onsite, while the core fitness activities and our hot yoga classes are hosted at our external gym — called RAW.FITNESS.

Our onsite spa facilities also include a spa room for private treatments, a steam room, an infrared sauna, and an ice bath.

Main Villa

Heart & Soul of Phuket Cleanse

The social hub of Phuket Cleanse and where the communal meals take place. Our helpful and attentive concierge team will also be available to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The rooms in the Main Villa have king-sized and twin beds available.

Features: Concierge Area, Outdoor Relaxing Areas, Dining Room, Main Kitchen, Lounge, Main Pool

Room Categories: Supreme, Superior, and Standard




The Lincoln & Washington Bedrooms -- One Notch Above

This spacious, bright, and modern villa is our premium level of accommodation. This is where our royal family members, the occasional celebrity, or our Cleansers who just want something a bit more upscale choose to stay.

Location: 120 meters from our Main Villa

Features: Jacuzzis in the Bathrooms, Walk-In Closets, Kitchen, Meditation Space, Outdoor Private Pool

Room Categories: Supreme-Plus (Lincoln Bedroom & Washington Bedroom)


Close to the action, but still some privacy

This contemporary villa is bright and airy and based just across the street from our Main Villa. Very comfortable villa and tastefully decorated rooms.

Location: Just across the street from our Main Villa

Features: Pool, Lounge, Kitchen, Therapy Room, Cooking Classes

Room Categories: Superior, and Supreme


Your choice -- Air, Earth, Water, Fire, and Wood

This annex of 5 modern Thai-style rooms are a great option for those seeking a twin room or king-sized bed. Perfect for couples or friends, and located in the heart of the action.

Location: Just next to the Main Villa

Features: Patio area outside each room

Room Categories: Superior


Older, but full of warmth and charm

Traditional, Older Thai-style house with five tastefully decorated rooms, all coming with a sense of Zen.  All rooms have king-sized beds.

Location: Just past the sauna/ice bath from the Main Villa

Features: Mediation Room, Spa Room, Steam Room, Sauna, Ice Bath, and Outdoor Workout Area

Room Categories: Standard, Superior, and Supreme


More than just our spa services are located here

Situated at the edge of the main complex area is The Spa House. Rooms are modern Thai style, each with lovely bathrooms.

Location: Connected to the The Elements Rooms and close to the Main Villa

Features: Massage room, Yoga & Deep Stretch Classes

Room Categories: Standard and Supreme