When you go on holiday to the Innovation Creation Center — also known as Phuket Cleanse — you expect to experience a bit of something-something different and never-been-seen-before modalities.

We invite visiting practitioners that exhibit this style.

If you want to experience “out of the box” yoga, join us for a special month of Heat-Adapted Training in our red hot room.

Melanie, Adam, Jenny, and other trainers are masters at combining yoga with other modalities to achieve yoga practices that encompass greater healing potential.

Yin Yoga and Energy Work

Yin Yoga and Energy Work

Yin yoga acts on the deeper layers of your connective tissue. It lengthens and extends your muscles, tendons, and ligaments and ensures that you remain flexible. With Yin yoga, you stay 3-to-5 minutes in a position to give your tissues the opportunity to fully relax and stretch. It is a meditative lesson that also gives your mind the chance to relax.

In this lesson we combine Yin yoga with Energy Work, combined with elements from QiGong and Mindfulness.

Chakra Chakra

Chakra Chakra

This 60-minute, Chakra Yoga practice is for every body and is a great way to learn about the Yogic Chakras through a flowing, physical practice — integrated with Pranayama breathwork, Mudra (hand gestures) and Knowledge-Sharing to enhance your understanding of the Yogic Chakras and how you can work with them for greater self-awareness and wellbeing.

Crystal Yoga

Do you want to rock your yoga mat in a new way? This yoga class is the first of its kind. You will stretch and strengthen not only your body, but also your mind. With the focus being on the breath leading you through the asanas, you will be accompanied by beautiful crystals, too.

You will be made aware of the dance that exists in yoga between control and surrender. All your senses will be stimulated and through the challenge of the body, you will be able to surrender and let go of the grip your mind has on you. Come balance, cleanse and harmonize yourself. Everybody and every level is welcome.

Trauma Release Yoga

We use different techniques from chanting to shaking and stretching to clear meridian lines and surrender and give permission for the body to let go of the trauma and stress it has stored.

To renew and detoxify ourselves on levels far beyond just the physical. This is a great way to support a detox retreat and take it to the next level.

SOMA Breathwork

Want to take your meditation and manifesting to the next level? New to meditating and want to try a unique and exciting way to meditate using breathwork and euphoric music?

SOMA breathwork meditation is a unique combination of scientifically-proven breathwork techniques, rhythmical and euphoric music, guided meditation and imagery which results in a remarkable process to reach your highest state of consciousness and ecstatic bliss. Through this awareness your authentic truth reveals itself.

It guides you to know the difference between what is good for you and what is no longer serving you. You can remove the attachment to the past, fully embrace the present moment and be at your best every day.

We will breath in beats, enjoy the bliss of the moment, as well as cultivate and invite more of what we want into our lives. Come join this class and be ready to be amazed. Everyone is welcome! All you need is yourself, no experience needed, and a great way to start a meditation practice, too.


Being aware of your present moment is the key to this class. Not only that, but also how you are aware of being aware in the present moment. How do we perceive the present moment?

Not only that you pay attention to the present moment, but also how you pay attention. That’s a little bit of a word riddle, a word salad, but it is what we are going to do in this Mindfulness session. People pretend to be OK with what is in the present moment.

Let’s learn to look through lenses of kindness instead of glasses filled with judgement. It doesn’t work to think we should always be happy. We hold ourselves to these unrealistic standards of perfection and then we judge ourselves if our lives don’t reflect the perfection we thought it should be.

Find ways to live mindfully and create habits to support that life.

Dream Analysis

Learn more about your dreams, what lucid dreaming is, and how you can practice having lucid dreams.

When we sleep we process life through our hearts instead of our heads. Hence, the saying, sleep on it and you will feel better. That rings true because your heart worked through it.

Crystal Workshop

Learn more about what crystals are, how they can help you and how you can use them in your everyday life.

We use crystals in everyday life without knowing it. Crystals are there to assist our healing, evoke balance and harmony, and so much more.


Master Heat Athlete

If you are ready to become a breathwork master while doing RAW HOT YOGA in a super-heated room, then come and train with Melanie, Adam, Jenny, and Stanton.



We pride ourselves on having the most all-inclusive offerings of any health and wellness retreat in Thailand -- in fact, all of Asia. There are no “hidden” expenses. The price you pay includes everything you could possibly want or need during your stay. That said, there are plenty of ways to spend more money if you want additional services or offerings. We work with local clinics and many practitioners on the island. About 50% of our Cleansers put their wallets in their safes upon check in, while the other half spend extra money on a variety of services that meets their goals and objectives.


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