Super Human Upgrade 2022



For the last couple of years, we have been scouring the globe for techniques that open people up to their gifts, their hidden superpowers, talents they did not even know they had.

This year’s Super Human Upgrade is the best ever at Phuket Cleanse, and will be happening in August. We will be offering the Upgrade program during the second week of August.

If you’ve ever wanted to tap on through to your superpower side, this program is a must.

In addition to the regular program offerings at Phuket Cleanse, August’s Super Human Upgrade events will take you deeper into you and unveil a side of you that will surprise.

Diet & Nutrition Protocols

In addition to the healthy meals and occasional buffets, those doing the program will receive a superfood blend package and C60 supplementation (Carbon60).

You will also be led on a weekend cleanse/detox program.


Take away techniques that will transform the way you workout

Hypno HIIT — Guide you into a deep relaxed state in the mind so your body can experience peak performance. You will walk away with this very potent workout strategy that will transform the way you workout.

Breathwork HIIT — Learn to apply the breathwork techniques of some of the world’s best athletes to power your daily workouts.


Cooking Like an Alchemist — Learn to cook with superfoods.

Learn to make superfood vegan yogurts and vegan cheeses.

Superfood Chocolate Drink Making — Learn to make the healthy Phuket Cleanse magical drink that we use for our cacao ceremonies. You will feel good about having chocolate as your morning coffee substitute.


In addition to the extensive menu of yoga styles, we will be launching new more energetic styles of yoga such as “Yoga Kicks” … which is basically a yoga sequence combined with martial arts and “Soma Yoga Sculpt,” which is deep stretches combined with deep breathwork and sculpting exercises. Add in RAW HOT YOGA POWER, and you are in for a sweaty yoga session that will leave you feeling exhilarated.


Healing Meditation Ceremonies

You will receive a variety of wonderful meditation sessions — from guided to singing bowl meditations.

You will learn how to gather energy in chi gong/Tai chi meditations as well.

Superfoods and Super Supplements

C60 and Superfood Blends — Learn how to work with these supplements and take home your C60 and superfood-blend package as your complimentary gift for attending the Super Human Upgrade event.

Yogic Practices Workshops

Unwrap your inner magical gifts through workshops based on the more magical practices of Yoga.

Intuition Development Class
Quantum Manifestation Class

Breakthrough Classes

Ice bathing classes designed to tap into your hidden Himalayan yogi master.

Learn to master the elements through techniques that will enable you to triumph in any challenging situation.

Breathwork for Emotional Detox

Emotional Release Breathwork — Tapping into those areas where tensions are stuck and releasing them. These breathwork sessions are going to bring you greater vibrancy and vitality.


And if you want to go deeper … Melanie has finished up new meditation teacher training courses in the US.

She will be launching a number of new daily meditation classes that are truly cutting-edge.

Key Takeaways of the Super Human Upgrade 2022

  • Develop skills to improve your workout performance by 40% 
  • Learn to cook with performance-enhancing superfoods 
  • Improve flexibility and mobility
  • Acquire the practice of self healing chi energy treatments 
  • Receive energy healing treatments 
  • Develop your intuitive abilities
  • Learn to use potent yogic manifestation practices
  • Master mind-over-body techniques 
  • Release long-stored traumas and limiting self perceptions
  • De-stress your mind and spirit 
  • Learn to breathe like a master yogi
  • Detox and cleanse 
  • Tone and build lean muscle



We pride ourselves on having the most all-inclusive offerings of any health and wellness retreat in Thailand -- in fact, all of Asia. There are no “hidden” expenses. The price you pay includes everything you could possibly want or need during your stay.

Super Human Upgrade 2022

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