We’re on top of how to stimulate extraordinary immunity to improve travel safety. We know it is an unusual time in our history, but if you are in a city that flies to Thailand (of course that number is still numerous), then come on and join us. We know things are changing day to day, so keep up to speed with everything with your local and national government organizations.

For those of you who can travel to Phuket and are still excited about travel and safe travel, then contact me (Melanie) via WhatsApp at +1-727-219-8023.

Boost your immunity

From Vitamin A to Zinc

Here’s some of the best supplements you can take to boost your immune system.


Everything you need to know

At Phuket Cleanse, we love C60 because it simply helps our Cleansers perform better, need to eat less food because their digestion is working better and still have lots of energy.