33 signs you could use a detox

Ever wondered if a detox is right for you?

If you find yourself trying to fix everyone else’s problems, feeling guilty for saying no, or becoming less engaged with the people around you, then you will receive help from a detox.

If you take more time for others than you do for yourself or have experienced trauma, a detox is in order. If you are a thinker, dwell on life’s problems, or are finding it hard to be in the present moment, an emotional detox is something to consider.

Here are some of the signs to look for:

  1. Easily distracted
  2. Worrying about or fearful of the future
  3. Losing or gaining weight
  4. Binge eating or eating too little
  5. Financial insecurity
  6. Relationship problems
  7. Lying to yourself or others
  8. Avoiding certain people or places
  9. Spending too much time alone
  10. Ignoring your gut feelings
  11. Feeling overwhelmed
  12. Considering or having an affair
  13. Drinking or doing drugs to escape the pressures in life
  14. Focusing (or stuck) on the past more than the present
  15. Trouble speaking up for yourself
  16. Self-doubt or second-guessing your choices
  17. Feeling stuck or out of balance
  18. Easily swayed by the opinions of others
  19. Comparing yourself to others or not feeling “good enough”
  20. Feeling like you work hard but nothing changes.
  21. There are also some physical symptoms, such as:
  22. Trouble sleeping
  23. Chronic tension
  24. Headaches
  25. Allergies
  26. Illness or pain
  27. Depression and anxiety.
  28. Other reasons to detox include:
  29. Looking to deepen your relationship with yourself and others
  30. Wanting to forgive, move on, or let go but are unsure how
  31. Feeling stuck in the past
  32. Feeling lonely, too old, or unsure of what your purpose is
  33. Interested in learning how to be more present and mindful.