When going to tropical countries in SE Asia, you will be exposed to different bacteria.

In our kitchen, we disinfect food with ozone. We also ask you not to brush your teeth with the water in the room, but with the water bottles provided.

The water we provide guests goes through a reverse-osmosis filtration system, so it is clean water. In addition, we provide ozone machines in communal places so that you can regularly drink the ozonated water. 

You simply pop your water bottle under the machine and let it ozonate for 10 minutes.

The staff will teach you to do this. The benefit of drinking ozonated water is that ozone will kill off parasites, viruses or bad bacteria in your gut. You can consider this a GI detox. 

Everyone has some bacteria in their gut, or viruses that they are carrying around. Drinking ozonated water on a regular basis helps to kill off some of these unwanted bugs.

It will also kill off anything you may pick up along the way while in this tropical country.

We also recommend that you take vitamin C to improve your immunity. Your immune system will take a hit due to the long-haul flights many of you take. There is often also a lot of stress in preparing for an international trip. Taking vitamin C regularly prior to departure and while here will help you to maintain a healthy immune system. We recommend you take vitamin C throughout the day as Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and you pee it out when you take high doses all in one shot.

So if you are purchasing 1000mg tablets, consider breaking them in half and taking it 4 times a day. Vitamin C also keeps you regular. On the topic of being regular, we also recommend you take Magnesium. This will also help your body to create energy and help you recover and sleep more deeply at night. Magnesium is best taken in the evening to improve your sleep quality.

The final recommendation is for you to take probiotics that fend off bad bacteria. The probiotic of choice for travelers in Southeast Asian countries is Saccharomyces Boulardii. This is something travelers should keep on hand all the time, so this will be a good practice for you to get started on. You can purchase Saccharomyces Boulardii, or check out your own probiotics you may already have on hand and see if Saccharomyces Boulardii is one of the strains already in your current blend.

The good news is that all pharmacies in Thailand sell all of these products, so if you don’t have time to buy them before you come out,  you can head out to the local pharmacies and pick them up.

Finally, if you feel like you may have anything coming on, we suggest you up your dosage of all these products, and also take charcoal, which is also sold in all pharmacies in Thailand. Charcoal absorbs bad bacteria in the gut and gives many travelers immediate relief.

Phuket Cleanse, to us, is not just an isolated healthy holiday. It is also a health education institute. So though some of these things may seem a little bit of trouble at first, we believe we are getting you in the habit of the best practices in international travel. You will walk away with this lifelong skill, and we are very happy about that.


Many guests find that mosquitoes love them a little too much. Others are less affected. Either way, it is best to prepare. 

At Phuket Cleanse, we spray for mosquitoes weekly. Nets for the room are available from the concierge. We also provide electric mosquito swatters and will do everything we can do to prevent you from being bothered. 

Mosquito repellents are available in Thailand, although they are not the cleanest and most potent on the market. Plant-based lemon eucalyptus bug spray is currently on-trend, and with good reason. It is all non-toxic super potent. There are multiple brands to choose from that you may want to arm yourself with before setting off. Brands such as Repel and Cutter have been highly rated in online reviews.

Certain times of day, such ask dusk, are when the mosquitos bite more. Longer sleeve clothes such as this one are useful for these periods. 

There are other products that assist in repelling mosquitos, such as bracelets, soapclothes and a spray to use on your shoes, bags and gear. If you are one who has issues with mosquitos, you may want to invest in these products.

If you are leaving soon, don’t worry about it, if you are going to be at PC for a while, you could order a small package and get it shipped, (large shipments may not make it through customs). Here are our details:

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