Supplements to build your immunity

From Vitamin A to Zinc. Here's some healthy tips to boost your immune system.

Now, more than ever, people are talking about immunity, especially when traveling. I am making this my number one area of research as I want you all to come to Phuket Cleanse!  I will continue to update you on immunity as I am interviewing the best doctors and medical researchers to provide the most potent protocols.

Below are some suggested products you can start taking to help your immune system. All of these products are best used as preventative remedies before you show any signs of trouble. Incorporating these products as part of a daily habit will build up a solid immune program for life. The side effect is increased energy which will serve you well on many fronts.

C60: As you can already guess, I am suggesting you get all your cells fully saturated with C60. There are extensive articles in PubMed about C60’s effect on immunity. There are tons of articles on C60 regarding immunity for infections and viruses. Please research! From my experience, C60 seems to like to “collaborate” with other immune-boosting foods — like the foods we serve at Phuket Cleanse. 

Suggested Products

For prebiotics and probiotics, we recommend the following brands (choose one or more):

All of these prebiotics and probiotics both support the body in building and maintaining a healthy colony of bacteria and other microorganisms, which supports the gut and aids digestion and the immune support. Look for good quality products in your area or purchase a recommended brand from the list above. Here is also a good article from BulletProof regarding prebiotics and probiotics.

COLLOIDAL SILVER  This is helpful against flus and colds. You need to start an immune-building program before you start showing symptoms. If you’re already feeling symptoms of a cold or flu, you need to treat it at the first sign of trouble. If you are flying, you would want to take it pre-flight and have it with you on the flight for extra dosing. 

Suggested Products:

VITAMIN D  Being at optimal levels of Vitamin D is key to good health. Getting exposure to UVB at the right time of day and for the healthiest amount of time is important. The production of Vitamin D is one of the most potent gifts nature (through our sun) gives us. Most people are Vitamin D deficient due to our indoor lifestyle and the geographical location in which we live — many of us know firsthand those long, dark winters. Risks of Vitamin D deficiency include diabetes, heart disease, and depression … while the benefits of optimal Vitamin D levels range from improved cardiovascular health to better overall immune function. Furthermore, recent studies indicate that optimizing Vitamin D levels can decrease cancer risk by more than half. We recommend a very simple app that can be downloaded onto your smart phone that will help you track the best time of day in your location to get the most and safest levels of Vitamin D.

Suggested Product: DMinder This app is amazing. Download it and use it as often as you can. If you live in places that have Vitamin D winters. Let me stop here and explain “Vitamin D winter” and what that means. If you are in an area where you get no UVB exposure for certain weeks or months of the year, you live in an area that has a Vitamin D winter. If that is the case for you, then text me (WhatsApp: +1-727-219-8023) or write to Stanton at and we will get info to you on products to use if you live in a place where you have Vitamin D winters.

Suggested Website: WHO (World Health Organization)

Though we have attempted to cover all the latest immunity boosters, at the end of the day, the body will take you down when it needs to break a cycle. You can work and work and run around and take stuff to give you energy, however, one day the body will say “Stop, recover, and reflect!” No pill can prevent that, and that is a good thing. 

Back in the day when people did overseas travel, they would go to their doctors to get a series of shots, and doctors would throw in a prescription for Valium. They gave patients Valium because it was so common for people to get sick when they went on holiday due to the stress of preparing for it. Prior to going on holiday, we spend so much time tying up loose ends, finishing projects, and putting everything in order, therefore our resistance is already down when we get on the plane.

Please not only prepare your immunity with the supplements we recommend prior to travel, but start a bit of a meditation practice and plan some naps.

If you need some assistance, have a listen to the tracks on our Phuket Cleanse Meditation page we have created for our Cleansers.