Emotional Detox: Everything you need to know

We came into the world with all the right tools to manifest our dreams and to detox our dramas and traumas as they occur.

Kids …

  • Follow their highest excitement in every moment
  • Laugh whenever possible
  • Cry out every disappointment instantly and move on
  • Forgive and forget quickly
  • Yell and scream with delight
  • Dance and move
  • Play
  • Shake wildly when they desire
  • Take naps
  • Hug
  • Play make believe
  • Spin in circles
  • Feel excitement in their heart for the smallest delights

As the founder of Phuket Cleanse, I have tried to put a program together that puts US back together. I’ve created a schedule which incorporates the best practices of being a kid.

In a given week, you can reignite the spirit of your childlike self who knew how to spin his/her way into a high vibe.

If you are joining us to cleanse your mind, body, and spirit, please participate in some of the following activities that are in our program. These classes are weaved into a bigger schedule of fitness and education. Check out how they all integrate into our schedule.

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Emotional Detox Package

If you would like to do deeper work, we have practitioners who have put together an emotional detox package.

Benefits of the Emotional Detox Package

An emotional detox is a systematic and mindful practice of processing and releasing the toxins of unresolved emotions, traumas, false beliefs, and fears. The experience of what has happened isn’t erased but the negative “charge” and corresponding emotions and holding patterns are released, allowing a feeling of lightness, space, and freedom. The sense of true Self, that of love, strength, and inner knowing, can be heard, felt, and followed again. Emotional detoxes can change your life in an obvious and powerful way, or manifest as a subtle difference. Regardless of what you are ready for and allow at that point in your life, it can be absolutely transformational.

What is the Emotional Detox Package?

The program is a combination of carefully selected methods and modalities that when brought together invite the person into truly shifting a state she/he may have been in her/his whole life.

This approach is considerate of each person’s history, physical condition, and general state of being, meeting them where they are at and working our way inwards from there.

With modalities stretching from the East to the West, into ancient practices and incorporating modern applications, the clients can benefit from having the right support to release, shift, or transform situations around emotions, stress, mental chatter, lack of purpose in life, loss of personal sense of power, issues around the womb, life-force exhaustion, being out of balance and off center … among many others.

The COMBINATION of these modalities creates a “whole journey.” The practitioners work together on each client’s experience to make a specific, tailored, and cohesive program.

The full program consists of …

Rebirthing Breathwork

Approx. 180 minutes [5000 baht]
Description: In a rebirthing breathwork session, past traumas, stuck negative emotions, and energy blockages are released and integrated using a guided circular breath. By releasing these “cellular memories” through this breathwork you can achieve states of bliss, clarity, and understanding about yourself or a specific issue you’re dealing with. Ultimately, after a rebirth session, our Cleansers feel calm, clear, and liberated, often significantly changing the way they feels about themselves or situations and experiencing lasting personal transformations. Rebirthing breathwork is greatly healing on all levels: physical, spiritual, psychological, and emotional.

Please note: this is an active-breathing session.


Rebirthing breathwork is not recommended for people with a history of aneurysms, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, severe kidney problems, vision problems, pregnancy, or any recent physical injuries or surgeries. It is also not recommended for people who experience severe psychiatric symptoms or seizures or who take heavy medication.

Power Session

Approx. 120 minutes [6000 baht]
These sessions have helped so many to a better state of health and better state of mind.
You will see many glowing testimonials to the powerful effects of these two-hour sessions.

The session involves:

1) a confidential email sharing prior to the meeting outlining the problem or quest

2) The arranged two-hour Skype or face-to-face meeting where the client receives Energy healing and vibrational therapy, dialogue therapy, and breathwork techniques

3) Free ongoing mentorship … this is the difference that makes the difference and creates a powerful conclusion for clients. Venus offers free email response and high-quality feedback to enable fine tuning as the effects made take place for the client.

Organ Massage via Abdominal
Approx. 90 minutes [5000 baht]
Chi Nei Tsang, or CNT, is an ancient form of detoxifying and energizing abdominal massage. It blends Chinese and Thai massage and meditation techniques, making it truly different from any other healing modality.

Chi, the life-force energy, moves through the body’s internal channels, nervous system, blood vessels, and lymph glands. These systems concentrate and cross paths in the abdomen which acts as their control center. Tensions, worries, and stresses of the day, month, or year accumulate there and are seldom dispersed.

These disturbances can cause physical tangling and knotting of the nerves, blood vessels, and lymph nodes. The result is the gradual obstruction of energy circulation, which may lead to any number of maladies — including, indigestion, constipation, bloating, insomnia, whole body toxicity, poor skin quality, and an inability to lose weight.

The price of the full package is 16,000 That baht (around 500 USD) …

You can, of course, book the experiences ‘a la carte’ and choose the session(s) you’d like.

If you are interested in knowing more about this program, please contact us or check out our Shift Happens – Emotional Detox Program.

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