Protein Sourced

Clean, vegan protein powder is provided at Phuket Cleanse and protein shakes are available any time upon request. We mix ourselves using pea/hemp/brown rice protein and BCAAs. However, as it is made in Thailand, we don’t feel it is the highest quality available for specific muscle gain. Custom laws in Thailand don’t allow us to import our own protein powder, so we encourage anyone with particular powdered protein preferences to bring their own, plus a shaker to have on hand. You will be fine taking our protein powder, but we feel the above is worth mentioning in order for you to maximize results.

Protein Recommendations

You may have your own protein powder you love. We recommend you get the cleanest product you can find. If taking whey, we recommend grass-fed, and cold processed, like this product. 

However, these brands also have high-quality protein powders – 1st Phorm, MetagenicsSubito, Victory Labs, Antler Farms and XP Labs.

People with gut health issues often can tolerate a hydrolyzed whey in which lactose is removed such as these from True Nutrition and Subito. The company Body Ecology has this powder that can assist you in digesting dairy if needed.

Vegan Proteins

If you are getting vegan protein, we just recommend you get products that have at least 2.5 grams of leucine per serving. You may even need to double your vegan protein to get enough leucine for muscle growth.

For vegans and people with dairy issues, we recommend Sun Warrior, Veggie elite1st PhormPrana On, Metagenics and Vega.

For those wanting to order US products that don’t ship overseas, the mail forwarding service is very useful. 

Gut Issues

If you have gut issues, you are probably sensitive to all protein powders. There is a protein powder made in Thailand out of coconut which you will probably be able to tolerate. The product is called CocoFit and our concierge will stock this or direct you to a store nearby for purchase.