Ajna Light Therapy

The Ajna Light helps us to explore an enhanced state of consciousness and deeply relaxed meditative states within a few minutes.

The device was developed in 2014, and uses LED lights which flicker at specific frequencies to stimulate the user’s brainwaves into a range of trance states.

Some claim the effects are similar to that of LSD or DMT – without any side effects.


What to Expect?

Sessions begin with some basic conversation, which will help the light therapist determine how the Ajna Light can best serve the user. Once the desired frequency has been agreed, the user will then lay down in a comfortable position, facing the light with her/his eyes closed and with a set of headphones attached. The flickering bright light will create a kaleidoscope experience and may produce some stunning visuals.




Here are some of the many benefits you can expect from a single Ajna Light session:

  • Feel calmer immediately
  • Reduce stress easily in 10 minutes
  • Feel restoratively rested and blissed
  • Sleep deeply and peacefully
  • Heal faster naturally
  • Improve your wellbeing
  • Re-energize your body and mind
  • Awaken intuition and imagination
  • Activate your brain chemistry
  • Produce naturally healthy hormones
  • Make better lifestyle decisions
  • Take more responsibility for your body and mind