Mental, Physical and Emotional Transformation

If you are coming to Phuket Cleanse for any of these reasons, we suggest you set your mind up for transformation. For maximum results, we highly recommend reading the book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dipenza.

If you want to hear just how much positive impact his work has had, feel free to check out these testimonials.

Another popular method to instigate breakthrough is Rebirthing.

Rebirthing breathwork is one of our favorite modalities at Phuket Cleanse. This therapy technique is based on a specific breathing pattern – the ‘conscious connected breath’. Via this breath, a shift in consciousness takes place which allows an energy flow throughout the body. Letting go of past traumas/Traumas and unwanted life patterns that are held in the body as stuck energy is possible allowing freedom, clarity, and power in your life.  Awareness, “ah-ha” moments, and connection with your core self can also be experienced. Comments after a rebirthing session have been, “I feel light and spacious.” “I experienced my inner power.” “I realize what self-love now means.” “I’ve finally released what has been holding me back.”

Every rebirthing session is different and each person has an experience that seems to support what is needed in their life at the time. The session is usually 2.5 hours, the actual breathwork is about an hour with the remainder of the time in an inquiry + coaching conversation. Contact Rita with any questions or for more information:

The video, below, shows a brief demonstration, though nothing can substitute the experience of a one-on-one session.