Did We Find Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth?

I Believe We Have ... and Its Name is Carbon60

As we age and become a bit more toxic on many different levels, we lose our vibrancy and feel like a watered-down star. We run off to health retreats to rejuvenate and detox. We want to shine gloriously and feel vibrant. We want our true humor and wit to radiate. We look for supplements that bring us back to our youthful vibrancy. Around a decade ago, I stumbled upon something called C60 — or Carbon60. Now, with more and more research emerging over the past decade, I am relatively confident to state that this will be THE supplement of the 2020s. I now feel that this carbon isotope is the one thing that ticks all the boxes: improved immune system, improved strength and motivation; increased energy, better sleep, better vision, and so much more. 

Like everything that makes claims of increasing lifespan and healthspan, reducing pain and inflammation, you need to be skeptical. When Stanton first read the 2012 study that rats were living 90% longer on C60, he immediately dismissed it and he was not interested in it for another eight years. In December of 2019, that was when I gave him C60 hoping it would help with his eczema. Well, since his scratching stopped within 24 hours, he is now a skeptic that takes his C60 every day religiously. Placebo effect or whatever it was, it worked. He won’t miss a day taking a tablespoon of C60 olive oil. 

While there is still a need for human studies to learn more about this recently discovered (1985) carbon freak of nature, we are going to hedge our bets and continue to experiment on ourselves. Most of the medical doctors and researchers that I admire and learn from are doing the same. As a researcher, I am committed to continuous research on the best brands and protocols behind C60. I will continue to share my research with you as I learn more. 

Mainstream doctors are probably not on board yet. If you have a functional medicine doctor, she or he is probably already recommending C60 to patients and the patients’ pets! (Yes, the anecdotal evidence for what C60 is doing for people’s pets is astounding.) 

Cleansers, I will continue to add to this post on a weekly basis. Lots of research links coming your way. Lots of info on ways to stack these protocols and increase their efficacy.

Stay tuned. And if you are too excited and want to learn more, text me via WhatsApp at +1-727-219-8023. 

With excitement,