C60 Benefits

Reduce the effects of aging, increase lifespan, reduce inflammation and boost your immune system with this miracle discovery. 

C60 olive oil is reported to reduce the effects of aging, increase lifespan, reduce pain/inflammation, and power up the immune system. In one study, C60 was shown to be 270 times more potent than vitamin C. I have been able to help our Cleansers almost IMMEDIATELY wipe out any sort of cold, gastric issues, respiratory infections, eczema, rashes … you name it. How fast-acting it is blows my mind!

I have treated Cleansers for nine years for just about everything, and I used to provide a supplement or herb and just watch and wait. Since I started providing C60, it seems to wipe out everything I am treating within 24 hours. Actually, usually less than 24 hours! When I give C60 in the afternoon, the next morning whatever we have treated appears to be gone. The only thing I saw required several days to see improvement was Cleansers dealing with depression. I am sure in these cases, their depression was infection — gut or inflammation-related. Hence, it makes sense, people would feel much happier after the situation was treated.

Many of you have known that Stanton has battled eczema for three years now. He had the most severe, debilitating case of eczema I have seen. Once he started taking C60, the condition went away within 24 hours.

This is not surprising due to C60’s effect on inflammation. Considering eczema is an autoimmune disease with severe inflammatory symptoms, I am not surprised to see this result.  Since a high percentage of ailments and conditions are due to inflammation, C60 is a product that will benefit the masses. 

At Phuket Cleanse, we love C60 because it simply helps our guests perform better, need to eat less food because their digestion is working better and still have lots of energy.

I am sure you have a lot of questions now. So, I will write the rest of this article Q and A style as I anticipate the questions you may have. 

What studies are there on C60?

There have been some really great studies. The most profound study that got a lot of people’s attention came out in 2012 by Fathi Moussa. The study showed that they had increased the lifespan of rats by 90%. I am linking the study below for your perusal. 

The prolongation of the lifespan of rats by repeated oral administration of [60] fullerene

There was a bit of pushback from the study. People still say, “90% increase in lifespan … that’s preposterous!”

The idea was that rats live two-and-a-half years. The rats on C60 lived five years, almost double the usual lifespan. Other labs have done similar experiments but mainly looked for anti-inflammatory effects, as opposed to mortality curves. This to me is interesting because our guests are really looking for improved vibrancy, not necessarily longevity. When we can help our clients heal inflammation, they get younger, happier, stronger and fitter.

These other studies on mice have shown similar results in increasing lifespan and healthspan due to an increased production of ATP, our bodies’ energy currency. 

Does C60 increase energy?

Increases of ATP energy-production in most experiments is around 58%.  This is why C60 is such a game-changer for so many aging adults. C60 will give you much more energy if you combine it with high vibrational superfoods. These would be foods such as spirulina, wheatgrass, turmeric, pure cacao, etc. However, I just suggest everyone use a super greens powder like Green Vibrance or any super green blend.

How much can C60 reduce inflammation/inflammaging?

Studies have shown C60 reduces inflammation by 223% when measuring two inflammatory markers called IL6 and IL8. That is pretty astounding. 

Why is C60 used in the field of anti aging?

C60 is thought to prevent aging due to its antioxidant and neuroprotective benefits. The biggest anti-aging benefit, it stops cells from “leaking energy”, reducing inflammation in the mitochondria. For the anti-aging enthusiasts, I suggest you read the many studies on C60 and longevity benefits.

Anti-aging Firewalls

How is C60 reducing inflammation so dramatically?

C60 plugs the holes of leaky mitochondria in our cells which contributes to aging, inflammation and poor immune functioning. The C60 molecules get carried into the mitochondria of our cells through the carrier oil and cleave to the mitochondria membrane. By plugging these holes, you slow the aging process and any inflammatory conditions at the same time.

What will I feel when I take C60?

Some people feel worse before better as C60 has detoxification benefits. So, it is possible you may start feeling a little weak and tired as you may begin detoxing. Or you may feel no change at all until you have reached the saturation levels in which most of your cells are saturated with C60. This may take a week or so depending on your medical condition. If you are very unwell, it may take a bit longer before you start feeling more energetic and cognitively sharper. 

Most people notice increased mental clarity and the ability to do a lot more. People also experience greater physical performance in workouts, improved eyesight, and improved mood.

Will C60 prevent or treat colds and flu?

C60 works much better than vitamin C on immunity. So, be sure to have it in your medicine cabinet this winter to prevent the common cold and other infections. I have seen C60 work so well with our guests. Our guests fly in from all over the world with all kinds of colds, infections, food poisoning, and other conditions they have picked up before arriving to Phuket Cleanse. I have seen them get well so quickly with C60. Those who take it regularly are less susceptible to catching anything in the first place. People concerned about travel safety will be interested in knowing that many studies have shown C60’s effect on viruses, including HIV. 

Medicinal Applications of Fullerenes

What is the suggested dosage?

Because every brand has a different level of potency and a slight difference in formula, you should follow the instructions that come with the product. I also suggest you experiment with different brands as they really do vary. One big difference is they are made in different kinds of oils and each oil has a different location of action. Some C60 products are made in MCT coconut oil while others are in olive oil, avocado oil, and sunflower oil. MCT, coconut oil, and avocado oil are processed in the liver while olive oil is processed in the intestines. This means that C60 in avocado oil or coconut oil would be good for someone who has concerns about one’s liver; whereas people with leaky gut or IBS would be more interested in an olive oil product. At this time, the product that we will be making available at Phuket Cleanse will be a blend of avocado oil and olive oil. 

Does C60 support the liver, and is it good to take when one has a few drinks?

C60 in coconut oil works well for anyone needing liver support as the location of action is in the liver. If you are treating your liver, I suggest you buy coconut oil C60 and olive oil C60 and blend them. The reason for this is that olive oil contains 40 percent more of the C60 molecules than coconut oil. However, coconut oil will have great benefits in healing your liver. If you take them together, you have a power liver-support product. This blend of coconut oil and olive oil with C60 is a good blend to take if you are having a few cocktails. 

Do I take C60 daily?

You can take it most days, but it is suggested you take a day off weekly. 

What else can you tell us about C60?

I learn more every week and will keep you updated. I will continue to write about how to use it and keep you informed. My interest now is with C60 protocols. I am interested in how C60 can work synergistically with other powerful supplements and diets. 

Every day, I am looking at new stacks. Stacks is just another word for taking supplements at the same time. I always tell people, “If you don’t see me around, it means I am locked in my room doing research on C60. Today’s exciting find was the nootropic stack of using C60 and Alpha GPC for enhanced cognitive performance and mood. More on that coming to you later.

Stay tuned!

If you have any questions for me, you can drop me a note on my WhatsApp at +1-727-219-8023. You will be able to purchase C60 at Phuket Cleanse or bring your own with you from wherever you are based around the globe. Combine this product with some good quality superfoods and you will massively improve your performance on every front.