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We are constantly updating our practitioner network and our programs to include unique and proven solutions. We will adapt our solutions and create a bespoke program to help you reach your personal goals, therefore facilitating major rejuvenation or transformation.

Melanie Procter

Head of Innovation

At 54 years of age, Melanie has accomplished what would take most people a few lifetimes to achieve. She is passionate about working with people to improve their lives. A lifelong student of all things health & wellness, Melanie packages her knowledge into her staff, her lectures, her food, her workouts, and her curriculum.

Mel has been creating and developing Phuket Cleanse in her mind and kitchen for the past three decades. Then 20 years ago, Mel trained as a raw food chef out in California under Juliano — a pioneer in modern raw food cuisine. This was the springboard that launched Mel’s personal journey into health, fitness, and nutrition, resulting in her going from 75 kgs (160 lbs) to 50 kgs (105 lbs), and ultimately creating Phuket Cleanse. With a master’s degree in Education, Mel is one of the most published authors in the field of English education. She has presented to over 150,000 teachers all over the world. While she is still an educator, it is now in the field of health, nutrition, longevity, and mindfulness.

Stanton Procter

Head of Guest Experience

Many Phuket Cleanse guests say that Stanton is the heart and soul of Phuket Cleanse. While Stanton may not agree with such a compliment, he does have some innate talent for making guests feel at home. In addition, he loves to see guests achieve results. That is his motivation.

From working in a mountain resort at 12 years of age, Stanton learned about customer service at a young age. And for the past 44 years since that first job, he continues to strive to be the best in the service industry field. If you are ready to be a part of a wonderful family, then come and be a part of the Phuket Cleanse family.

Our wider team

Practitioners at Phuket Cleanse

We have selected a team of Practitioners from around the globe that offer expert services, daily classes, and consultations on-site.

Life Strategy Coaching, Blood Work Analysis, Physical Therapy, Nutritional Consultations, Performance Coaching, Personal Training, along with Yoga, Breathwork, and Mindfulness Coaching, to name just a few.

To learn more about our current Practitioners, write to me at Stanton@PhuketCleanse.com to learn who is here in the community, their rates, and more.