Why should I do a cooking retreat at Phuket Cleanse?

Because not only will you get 3 cooking classes every day you will also get to take part in meditations, yoga, fitness and all the other activities we offer at Phuket Cleanse.

What is a Retreat within a Retreat?

The Phuket Cleanse "Retreat Within a Retreat" is an exciting venture we are embarking on this spring and summer. In addition the classes and activities in our jam-packed schedule, we are adding on themed retreats that cover all walks of life. The retreats are an add-on bonus to the existing schedule.

How is this different to the standard Phuket Cleanse retreat?

The additional cooking classes, take home materials and information are exclusive to the cooking retreat guests. Guests not part of the cooking retreat will not have access to these.

How do I book a place on the retreat?

Please email Stanton@PhuketCleanse.com

Can I book one on one cooking classes in addition to the retreat?

Yes, there are a number of chefs you can book one-on-one classes with at an additional cost.

Is there going to be someone to support me through this retreat?

Yes, we have a great team at Phuket Cleanse to make your stay the best it can be, and in addition you will be specifically cared for by the Cooking Retreat team.

Can I get photographs of the food I make?

Absolutely! We will be taking photographs of you and your creations throughout the course that we can email you.

I want some additional information on the cooking retreats who can I talk to?

Please email recipes@phuketcleanse.com for any additional information on the cooking retreats.

When is the first cooking class of the retreat?

The first class will start on Saturday, June 1st at 7:30 AM. You are able to check in a day earlier and get prepped rested before jumping into this culinary adventure.

When is the last cooking class of the retreat?

The last class for the Cooking Retreat finishes around 6:00 PM on Friday, June 7th and the last class for the longer retreat will be finished around 1:00 PM on Monday, June 10th.

Can I book additional nights either side of the retreat dates?

Of course. You will need to email Stanton@PhuketCleanse.com to organize any additional nights you wish to stay.

When is the best time to arrive in time to start the cooking retreat?

We recommend arriving on the 30th or 31st May so you can settle in before starting the course on June 1st. (The night of the 31st is included in the retreat package).

Can I leave the cooking retreat early and if I do will I get a reduced rate?

We recommend booking an additional night at the end of the 7 or 10 day retreat so you don't miss any cooking classes but if you need to leave early you can. However, as you can understand there is a lot of work that goes into the preparation of these retreats so we don't offer any reduced rates for less days.

Will I get the recipes to take home?

Yes, you will be given all the recipes that you learn during the Phuket Cleanse Cooking Retreat