We are continually blown away by the transformations that take place within the Phuket Cleanse family, but every now and again, an individual comes along and expands our already open minds.

Meet Abdul, a Cleanser who first visited us in September 2018. Fast forward 12 months and the entrepreneur has dropped a hugely impressive 40kg.

How cool is that? Big time congratulations to Abdul!

Read the interview below with Abdul to learn more about his transformational experience …

1) Abdul, could you give us a run down of your health journey, from before your first Phuket Cleanse experience until now?

In August 2018, I weighed a whopping 142kg, so decided to go on a diet. I had some good results bringing my weight down to 136 kilos over the course of a month. At this point, I decided to come to Phuket Cleanse and start my fitness journey. I found myself in a place where I was encouraged to exercise, eat healthy food, and develop my understanding of a healthy lifestyle. Phuket Cleanse educated me and I made great friends in the process.

I also had a chat with resident nutritionist Craig Burton, who advised that I get my blood checked with Lyfe Medical in Phuket. The doctor from Lyfe Medical gave me a tailor-made daily vitamin routine and provided further medication to assist with weight loss.

When I arrived home I got in touch with a local personal trainer who specialized in Muay Thai, one of the fantastic daily classes I had my first taster of at Phuket Cleanse. The personal trainer held me accountable four times a week and the encouragement, guidance, and discipline that I developed during these sessions really helped with my weight loss.

I was so impressed with the progress I had made so far, that I decided to come back to Phuket Cleanse three months later in January 2019. I found myself fitter, stronger, happier and with improved blood results.

I remained consistent with my healthy eating and exercising at home, returning to Phuket Cleanse for my third trip in April 2019 for follow-up blood tests. This showed improvements and the dosage was adjusted accordingly to allow me to continue my success on my journey.

In September 2019, I made my fourth trip to Phuket Cleanse in exactly a year.

Abdul in the ice bath at Phuket Cleanse
Abdul showing off in the ice bath at Phuket Cleanse

2) What have been the biggest difficulties you have encountered along the journey?

I think the biggest difficulty for me has been the length of the journey. Being on this weight loss journey for over a year, has meant there have been times where the weight would stay stagnant, or sometimes I would even put weight on. This would be frustrating and saddening after all the hard work and effort I had contributed. But I just reminded myself of my end goal, and that I had come a long way from the start, and if I keep working hard, I will keep on improving regardless of the step backs some weeks.

3) What have been some of your favorite victories over the past 12 months?

– Before I started my diet, I was wearing 4XL clothes. Now I wear XL or Large.
– I feel so much happier going shopping and getting dressed when I go to family events. It’s great to have access to a bigger range of clothes as I now enjoy going shopping rather than hiding away behind a computer and doing an online shop.
– I have lost 40kg in weight since my journey started a year ago.
– Lots of people now compliment me on my age; stating I look younger.


Abdul's Phuket Cleanse Transformation
Abdul’s before and after photos

4) What was the final straw that caused you to take action towards your health goals?

It will sound something so small and irrelevant now, but one day I went to the mosque and realized that I struggled to sit on the floor and pray, which is the expected method of worship. I had to sit on a chair, normally reserved for elders. At this point, being only 36 years old, I felt really disappointed with myself and knew something had to change. It was without a doubt this simple moment of realization that encouraged me to change my thought processes, make better lifestyle choices, and become the healthier, fitter version that I am today.

5) Top 3 tips for receiving the maximum benefits from Phuket Cleanse holiday?

1 – Push yourself to try all the activities during your stay, even the ones you don’t think are for you. I didn’t think I would enjoy Muay Thai at all, but now I train four times a week at home.

2 – Take complete advantage of the ice baths here. I have seen some of my Phuket friends receive great results using this facility. There was one Phuket Cleanser who would sit in the ice bath for hours and I was gob-smacked at the results he had in just one week.

3 – Socialize whenever you can during your stay. Lifelong friends can be made by simply starting a conversation and saying hello. These friends will understand your health goals and are great people to confide in while you share successes and struggles together.

6) Top 3 tips for continuing to thrive at home/on the go?

1 – Share your success with others and be proud of your achievements. No matter how small they may seem. I recently shared a photo of my transformation on Facebook and received 1300 likes.

2 – Have the bad days. Remember to get back to your plan as soon as you can.

3 – Train with a friend whenever you can. You are more likely to stick to a routine if you know you can’t let a friend down by not showing up!

7) Anything you’d like to tell anybody who is waiting or unsure about taking the first steps towards improved health?

Go for it! Stick to it! Believe it!

You will achieve your goals if you go with your vision, no matter how large or small that may be at the start.

8) What’s next in your health/personal/business journey?

For me they all tie together. As my health journey progresses and I see the improvements all the time, I’m the happiest version of myself. Which reflects in both my personal and my business life. A healthier me has meant that I clock off at 4.30pm from both my businesses; giving me more time for fitness, friends, and family. For the next few months I plan on reaching my personal ideal weight goal and keeping to my new life structure. I can say that without a doubt Phuket Cleanse really helped to inspire me to be a better version of myself. The support I received from the team here has been so important to me staying on track to reach my goals.