A most important feature of a hydration program is hydride ions. The highest quality water in the world is in areas known for longevity and vitality in the older years. The water in these areas has been found to be high in energy, more specifically hydride ions.

medium_mqdefaultOne source of hydration from hydride ions is in raw fruits and veggies. Let’s explain this process. Plants absorb sunlight. They store negatively-charged hydrogen ions through the process of photosynthesis. When you eat uncooked plants, you acquire the electrical charge of the Hydrogen ions in those plants. Your body burns the hydrogen and oxygen to generate energy for all your bodily processes. A complete hydration program requires the intake of raw fruits and veggies because that is your primary source of energy from hydrogen ions. The body needs hydrogen and oxygen to generate energy for life. In modern society, it is hard to get just picked fresh veggies and fruits. Even store bough veggies are low in hydrogen ions, as they dissipate from the moment they are picked.

medium_5b8926c8f9a030a3_78653918.xlargeThe other benefit of Megahydrate is it increases the zeta potential of the cells, meaning there is a distance between cells and they are not clumped together. Modern diets cause most people’s cells to be clumped together, reducing the cell’s surface area. Reduced surface are means reduced permeability of cells by water, resulting in cellular dehydration.

At Phuket Cleanse we provide Megahydrate, a supplement of hydride ions. Meghydrate, the Crystal Energy water along with the raw foods and juices will be part of your hydration program at Phuket Cleanse.